Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Need a sponsor!

Ok, here is my offer. While I LOVE Jing, I suspect I will love Camtasia way more, so I am seeking a sponsor to pay for it for me.   I accept all serious offers and will provide a series of screencasts in exchange for your sponsorship, so long as you select some tool I actually know how to use.

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  1. It adds up, doesn't it? Oh gee, I'll buy this it's only 14.95! Or what about this, a bargain at 19.99! Haha. I wonder if I actually MAKE any money? At my last school, we had this big beautiful supply room. Anything I wanted was at my disposal(except technical supplies, they had nothing). At my new school, everything is supplied by us (except technology, we have tons). I wish I could combine the best aspects of both schools! By the way, how much is Camtasia?


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