Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The New Edmodo- EdmodoCon 2012

EdmodoCon 2012 was thrilling this morning as we watched the Keynote presentation given by Nic Borg.  I was excited to see all the new features that would be available to conference attendees before they are rolled out to everyone else, but also wished that the rollout happened earlier in the summer so all teachers could start with it in the new school year. They kept the new edmodo completely under wraps, so this first presentation was a revelation. There were no hints on the blog.
 I was thinking of the day before, when over 40 teachers walked away from my training classroom, ready to start using the current edmodo interface. I want them to have the latest and greatest version and since I invited them all to edmodocon 2012, at least some of them will know about the changes that are coming our way.  Although the calendar and Gradebook will have an updated look and functionality,  (We can soon track badges!) the most exciting features will be Apps, Discovery and Insights.  I have had Apps for a while now and can't wait to try them out with real students this fall instead of my test students, although many teachers complained about the prices associated with them.  I know that a lot of districts already pay for some of the apps that are being linked with edmodo.  The benefits are that students have one login to access both edmodo and apps. The work they complete using  the apps will be tied in with edmodo assignments and gradebook.  Discovery is a feature that will enable teachers to post their topics and search for topics in a much more user-friendly fashion. Think of google search capability within edmodo, in a visually appealing format.  Collaboration will be much easier from now on, without having to scroll through groups and communities. Insights is one of the features we have been asking for. We wanted "like" buttons, and now we will have a choice of reflection buttons that can help us know what students respond to, and what they have trouble with.  They can reflect on their assignments and I can't wait to see the output of this feature.  Valuable data about how our students learn will only help my teachers be better at what they do, and the students will have that reflective piece for themselves. Get ready for a new look, better functionality, and many of the features we have been looking for. As soon as I get my beta invitation, I will update you on how they all work.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I Trashed my Clicker at ISTE 2012

 I had a bit of fun trashing my clicker in San Diego this past June, I have great aim and was intriqued by the product they were offering.  Quick Question is great for classroom formative assessment - students use any web enabled device, no 'clicker' required!  iPads, smartphones, laptops, netbooks, etc - they all work.  Instantly assess your students using Yes/No, True/False, Multiple Choice, or Text (Free response) questions.  Use Quick Question as a class discussion starter, exit tag, or anytime you need to know what your class knows.  Teacher accounts are free, and students don't need an account.  Have a teacher friend or colleague that would like Quick Question?  Have them sign up at  It's free!