Wednesday, June 29, 2011

QR codes


As we were walking around ISTE we kept running into the qr codes everywhere, so I was inspired to make my own using the KAYWA site,  I can now read them too, thanks to the app I downloaded on my Blackberry.  It is pretty darn cool that I can just take a picture and my blackberry browser goes right to the site that is associated with the code.  I have to try it out for contacts.    I wonder if I take a picture of my own and save it if I can just display it on my Blackberry screen for someone else to scan it.  hmmmmmm.   I DO know that I can scan it from my computer screen, I did try that already.  It doesn't to be printed out.  Here is one I created for the new band booster website.  The website is still under construction, but enjoy trying my qr code anyway.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our arrival at ISTE

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Just arrived at ISTE!

Very excited to be here, I am planning my day and have already managed to trade my free laptop case for a free iPad case. Since I borrowed my son's iPad for this day he will be happy I am bringing him back something cool. I will update as I go along. Right now Sheila and I are setting our strategy.

Monday, June 27, 2011


How incredibly cool is it that I can be at ISTE 2011on Monday when I am not going to be there in person until Tuesday?   Illuminate sessions of unplugged presenters are available with archives at this link.

I couldn't be more thrilled because I am only going to be at ISTE 2011 for one day and I was worried that I would miss out on a lot of PD options if I really explored the floor.  These sessions remind me of the From My Classroom To Yours Conference at Stockton. They are definitely shorter, but everyone appears to be offering resources to help us use the applications they are showcasing.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Archive madness

Since I left early last week, I was trying to catch up with the archive and understand the military timing, it has been awhile.  Looks like I missed a great wiki show by Ann.  I am so pleased that she was able to make this tool her own this semester.  There is a new commenting feature that the other talent 21teachers and I plan on using the coming week before school ends.  This gives an almost blog functionality to us that we were missing and we are excited by that.  Wikispaces has been the most successful tool for me over the last few months.  Since we only have so much room in our  teacher websites, this extension of our digital world has been priceless and we can make them as content specific as we like and leave them until next year after this year's class is done without maxing out our webspace.  Thank you everyone for the warm comments in the aha's!  I think you are all amazing people too!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Loving this service!

I had a project that I needed completed right away, it was all transferring text from one format to another and I just didn't have the time.  This service is great, I posted a job and within 5 minutes, I had nineteen offers from people willing to complete the job. I selected my assistant  at 11pm at night and the work was done by 6am the next morning.   Great way to make extra income if you like to work from home and have skills.  Awesome way to get a digital assistant.  I made sure I emplyed someone from the United States because we need jobs in THIS country too.